Teaching Activities

Dissemination Tittle: Understanding the effect of sulfur loading and electrolyte amount in theenergy density, power density and cycle life of Li-S battery technology at pouchcell level. Presented by: Alberto Blázquez Type: Oral presentation Conference title: International Conference on Lithium-Sulfur Batteries (ICLSB) Organized by: Fraunhofer Battery Alliance


Interplay between conductivity, matrix relaxations and co,position of Ca-Polyoxyethylene polymer Electrolytes Autors: Gioele Pagot, Keti Vezzù, Cynthia Susana Martinez-Cisneros, Claire Antonelli, Belen Levenfeld, Alejandro Varez, Jean-Yves Sanchez and Vito Di Noto Summary: In this report, the conductivity mechanism of Ca2+-ion in polyoxyethylene (POE) solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) for calcium secondary batteries is investigated by broadbandContinue reading “Publication”


Opening the door to liquid-free polymer electrolytes for calcium batteries Autors: C.S. Martinez Cisneros, A. Fernandez, C. Antonelli, A. Varez, K. Vezzù, V. Di Noto, J.-Y. Sanchez Summary: This work studies calcium-conducting, solvent-free polymer electrolytes in the framework of today’s post-lithium battery strategies. The samples consist of three calcium salts: (i) Ca(CF3SO3)2; (ii) Ca(TFSI)2; andContinue reading “Publication”


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